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What My Hobby is to Me | Candy Lai

People ask me what my hobby is and I often reply "It's digital scrapbooking" They would continue "what is that?" "Oh, it is the way I save my memories and moments in a special way.

For example, I always captured a selfie or a photo with my son. My photo was just a moment that I captured. Time passes and then I perhaps forget when or where I took it. What did the picture tell? Therefore, I make a digital scrapbooking layout for this photo. Because it tells a story.

Firstly, I choose a template designed by Sabrina’s Creations

Then I edit it to be suitable for my photo.

I used two kits by Humble and Create for my page, Be My Always and Sune.

Two kits are so delightful, bright and boyishly.

And after clipping mask for papers and adding some elements from two kits, here my page is:

With digital scrapbooking, we can decorate our moments and memories in a more interesting and beautiful way.

I hope I send you my love for digital scrapbooking. And you would love it too.

Thanks for reading my post!

Candy Lai - Creative Team Member


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