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Tutorial | Mini Travel Photo Box


Hello, Creatives! This week on the blog I wanted to do a tutorial on travel. With day trips coming and the days getting warmer I thought it would be the perfect time. I wanted this little album to be simple and minimal because these days we don't have time for much. Kids are getting out of school, our days are longer, and it seems more and more time is spent just getting through the days BUSY. So, with that, I wanted to make this project simple and easy to accomplish. I decided on some sort of tag album, but I wanted it to last a long time and to be able to keep it for years to come. Sometimes with chunky messy albums, as cute as they are, they are often hard to store or keep together. In the past, I've combated this problem by placing them in a decorative box, or on a shelf in a basket.

So, with that in mind, I decided to make a cute string tie envelop box. I used a cut file from the Silhouette Store by Lori Whitlock and you can find it here. I've actually had this item purchased for a while, and finally found the perfect purpose for it.!

The Project File comes with:

  1. A 3x4x1 String-Tie Box Cut File

  2. A 3x4 String-Tie Envelope Cut File

  3. A 3x4 Journal Card Cut out to write one, or add embellishments. Or in my case perfect for Instax photos!


I started with printing the cute Map paper from the Navigate Bundle. (I LOVE this paper, all the tiny houses, the lake, and the mountains. There are even little marker arrows in this kit to name specific landmarks that you may visit in your area.)

I used this print to cut out the box file, and the small tabs that you use to wrap the string around.


Since the holes are already pre-cut for brads - I used the 1/8 inch easily pre-perforated eyelets I had on hand. And, if your clever you can use these to keep your wrap-around string in place without having to tie it.

*Note: You're going to want to go ahead and place your eyelets, tabs, and twine on your box & envelopes before you start putting them together.


I used butcher's twine on this project in gold and cream, but I'm sure any type of twine, string, or embroidery thread will do. I also cut my string to 12 inches long. Long enough to wrap around the two tabs a few times.

1. Place your thread through the hole on the front side of the box.


*Note: You want the top box tab, to be the one with the string.

2. Place your top envelope tab over the hole on top of the string. Place your eyelet through the hole.

Flip it over to the inside of the box. You should have at least an inch of string coming through the hole.


3. Perforate your eyelet and press the edges down to the paper over the string. Your string should be snug in place. :)


4. Now place the other tab on the front of your box and fold all the perforated edges. I use the Rubber scrapper from my silhouette to make sure all my edges are crisp, and also so I don't get any oils from my hands on the paper.


I used Elmers Tape runner to close up the side tab. I left the bottom unglued because I liked being able to open the bottom like a card box, and I also found it easier to get all my envelopes in without it catching in the bottom. Your Choice. :)


Next, cut and fold your envelopes. I use Silhouette Studio to add in the patterns from The Navigate Bundle. You just click and drag into the outline of the shape. Print your envelope, and then Cut.

*Note: Don't forget to add the tabs and eyelets to your envelopes before folding and gluing them. :)


I made 8 Envelopes for this project. I used Canon Matte Photo Paper for all envelopes and the card box. I plan on placing Instax photos, some trinkets from day trips, and minimal embellishments. Like I said before this set comes with a 3x4 journal card cut out to be placed in each envelope. You can also just use this box for journal cards, photos, and trinkets from day trips throughout the summer, and dedicate a box per special event. The project ideas are endless for this Silhouette set!

Here is my Finished Product:


Join me back here this summer as I fill in this little mini album with summer memories!


Products Used: Silhouette Cut File " Lori Whitlock · Papers: Navigate Bundle HERE · Canon Matte Photo Paper · Canon Pixma Printer · Elmers Tap Runner · 1/8 in Pre-perforated Tabs · Craft Twine · Instax Square Photos.

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