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Summer Festival | NEW in SHOP

This past week, I got a request for one of my creative team members to create a kit for her so that she could document her and her husband's yearly trip to the bluegrass festival. It dawned on me that OMG, why haven't I EVER created a kit based on Summer Festivals! Growing up, music was a HUGE thing in my house, and when me and my husband met, we spent half the day sitting at a park-and-ride after our lunch date sharing our playlists. Music is a HUGE pastime for many people, and every summer, people flock to music festivals, jump around, drink wine, camp out on lawn blankets, and eat street food. So, it inspired my newest collection.

The Summer Festival Collection - is new in the shop this weekend with elements, papers, journal cards, and an alpha set. With my illustrated stickers, papers, and a classic boho color palette. You can snag it this weekend only for 30% OFF.






All the products in the - Summer Festival Collection- are on sale through May 29, 2022.

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