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Self Made Story | New in Shop


Hello Creatives! I can't believe it feels like we are already heading towards fall! Is anyone ready? (hand raised) Me! I love Fall, not only is it when I met my husband but its when the whole world starts to change. My husband and I have been getting our 3-acre lot landscaped lately, and have a list of summer items that we want to get done before the warm weather is over, but I can't wait to snuggle up in a sweater, warm my hands with coffee, and have an excuse to wear all my boots. This month I've really been focusing on those little moments. It's been extremely hard to document lately during the pandemic, and so snapshots and selfies rule my phone right now. But I really wanted to make a kit that focuses on those small moments, because your story matters. I've recently posted a phrase on my Instagram stating that as women, we transform everything we touch, and in this kit, I really wanted to highlight those moments as women, because no matter what is going on, we get up, get dressed, and show up! I also really wanted to do a modern preppy color palette to end this summer.

The Self Made Story collection is new in the shop this weekend, with elements, papers, and journal cards, and is also on the PennySaver Sale! That's right, you will be able to snag this entire bundle for just $3.00! I hope that this collection will help inspire you to get those selfies off your phone, and documented this past month!




All the products in the Self Made Story Collection are 78% off through August 2020.

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Thanks for all your love and support!


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