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Scrapping Non-Christmas Photos | Sarah Rees

My post today is about scrapping your “non-Christmas” photos in your December Memories album. This year has been busy for me and especially dark and rainy which sometimes makes it hard to get great photos! So today I decided I wanted to scrap a great day that happened to not involve anything particularly Christmassy, but I wanted to get this story in my album. I chose the Warm & Merry Collection because I thought the colors would look great with my forest photo.



I haven’t caught my dog getting into mischief with the Christmas decorations, yet but I’ve been so excited to use this cute little dog, with a light string, that I decided to print it out along with a gift tag and the number 8 for this 8th story in my album. I don’t tell my stories in order and usually don’t do a page every day as I find it’s too much pressure!



The wreath circle is from a journal card found in this collection and I trimmed it down to the wreath center and added my text to it.

There was a lot of boring ground in the photo, so I used some of the lovely papers from this collection to decorate the bottom of my photo. When I’m feeling overwhelmed with how to start, I like to use a full-page photo and add a few things to enhance it. My motto has always been less is more.



I love Kris’ illustration style, so I wanted to use these journal cards on the opposite side as they summarize some of my favorite traditions and feelings from this time of year.

I’ve only recently delved into making physical albums and these December ones are a great way to dip your toe into this kind of scrapping if you are usually a Digi-only gal like me!

The Warm and Merry Collection is super versatile and is a great addition to any Christmas stash. Thanks for looking!


Sarah Rees

Creative Team Member

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