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Plan with me - Family Year Book 2021| Kate Earley

As we are nearing the end of the wild ride that has been 2020, it’s time to start thinking ahead to 2021 and documenting our year. Since we’re only 3 weeks away from 2021, I am now planning out my 2021 everyday documenting. Join me as I plan out the tools, apps, and items I’ll be using in my yearly album.

I have been documenting my family’s everyday life since 2011. My process has changed over time, but it always starts the same. During December, sometimes sooner because I get excited over new scrapping supplies - who doesn’t?!?, I start setting up my files and choosing which items I will be using for the upcoming year.

To start: Let’s set up Dropbox and a Google Doc. I utilize Google Docs and Dropbox throughout the year to collect my photos. Both of these apps will work on both your phone and computer seamlessly. I use Dropbox for photo storage. I create a main folder for the year and then add a folder for every week of the year. Then throughout the year, on a Sunday, I upload that week’s worth of photos to that week’s numbered folder so that they are ready for me to use when it comes time to scrapping my week.

I use Google Docs to journal on the go. I create a document and name it for the year and then add small excerpts, something funny that happened or was said when I’m not home to write it down. When I sit down to work on my pages, I open the document up on my computer and use those stories to fill in journaling cards.

Since we’re talking about apps that I use, let’s quickly cover which program I use to create my pages. I use PhotoShop on my computer. There is a Project Life app that you can use to create Project Life pages - check out Team Member Sean’s Instagram to see the pages he creates using the app.

Now onto the fun part, finding the stuff to create my pages. After documenting our lives in this way I have realized that I always include certain things on my pages; this helps my album’s pages stay cohesive throughout the year, even though I change kits from week to week. I have never found that I can use one kit/collection for an entire year. I like to match my kit/colors to my photos.

Here’s what I have used in previous years and the things I will be adding to next year’s album as well.

Page templates

Title Card

Date tags


Shadow styles

I asked the Humble & Create team what some of their must-have items were for documenting their year and Sean & Stefanie both said they use the same font throughout the year. Stefanie said she also includes a calendar card every month.

Once I have these things picked out, I create a folder on my computer to save each week’s page as I create it. I have a Family Album folder on my hard drive that is dated for each year. I typically create a copy of any of the base items I’m going to be using throughout the year so that they are easy to find.

Here’s a look at some of my weekly pages from this year using all of the items from my must-have list and some of the gorgeous new releases from this year that are over in the Humble & Create shop.

Created using Self Made Story

Created using Autumn Feels Bundle

As you can see from these pages, I used the same page templates, created the title card in the same manner, and used the same fonts for journaling.

Will you be taking on a yearly documenting project next year?

-Kate Earley, Creative Team Member


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