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Hello, Creatives! WOW! I can't believe we are already heading into February! I feel like time flies at the beginning of the year, especially when you are trying to get onto the right foot. It's been a bit of a slow start for 2022, but I'm here and ready to start getting to work!

Here are a few things going on at Humble and Create lately:

1. It's been VERY cold here lately in the mountains, and we've been snowed-in a few times. It's been kinda nice because it gives me an excuse to turn on the fireplace and wear my wool socks and thermals. So Cozy. I've also been trying to finish up my crochet projects from the holidays, like the little fox, and modern Santa Claus that I started.

2. I've discovered (and completely fallen in love with) my Ipad mini lately (thank you Santa), and I've really been getting into digital planning. I've been a strict Bullet journal girl for a few years now, and the difference between that and digital planning is a bit different than what I'm used to. It's actually taken me a few weeks to adjust. I bought a minimal digital planner from and ended up using it for work stuff and a regular digital notebook from the same shop for the home budget, calendar, menu, and grocery list.

" some things never change really..."

3. I've been testing out the Procreate app for iPad, and I've loved being able to hop off my Wacom and get some doodling done on the couch.

4. Me and the Hubbs have been really getting into keto lately, and we've almost completely switched over from our past WW diet. I've lost over 26 pounds so far, and the food has really been delicious. I've been visiting an amazing site online and have been cooking some awesome food from Lindsey at The Little Pine. If you are into a low-carb diet or want to eat cleaner, try her site, it's freakin' amazing! Also, try the low-carb Keto Hamburger buns.

5. Last weekend me and Ed, my husband, went to home depot and I found myself picking up flooring and paint for my office. I'm going minimal, and modern guys! I'm so excited to walk you all through the process, and I'm even more excited to get started on it. Hooray for new spaces!







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