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Hello, Creatives! So, it's May... Really? it's freakin May already? Yes, well I guess it is. 

And that means National Scrapbooking Day!

toot! toot! and that also means...

Enjoy 40% off my entire Store, and NEW Releases this weekend!

Want to know what I'm planning for NSD?


 Giveaways! duh!

(2)two, to be exact...

1 person will receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate to my TDP Store

1 person will receive a -Yard Duty- Printed Card Set + Ephemera + Bag

Plus: You can head over to the TDP Forum for Games, Prizes & More!

This year I'm hosting the Avatar Swap Game! If you're a TDP forum member, you can head over to the forum now, and swap your avatar to your favorite TV character! Winner will win a $5.00 Gift Certificate to my Store.

On a lighter note, I've been trying really hard to be in the "norm" lately with my daily routine. And since I can't head to Target for a little Spring shopping, I've been trying to get my butt in gear to head outside to do a bit of yard remodeling. So far I've mustered up some energy to tackle downed trees (the rain is killing me) and get things cleaned up from a cold and wet winter. It's not easy taking care of 3 acres of land when you literally have no "green thumb "gene. Even though I'm not taking my usual trip to Lowes for yard supplies and flowers, I'm trying to plant Herbs in my window box, and plan some landscaping with my "Landscaping Guy".  Which prompted me for my newest kit.

The Yard Duty collection is new in the shop this weekend for NSD with elementspapers, and journal cards to help you document your yard duties. From planting herbs, mowing, and talking dirt!

You can snag this for 40% off this weekend for NSD! And because you're a newsletter subscriber, You can enjoy an extra 10% off when buying the bundle.

(coupon code below)



New in Shop


All the products in the Be Hoppy Collection are 30% off through April 12, 2020.

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Want to find out how to win a $10.00 Gift Certificate to my TDP Store? - Head over to my Instagram to find out how!


Want to find out how to win a Yard Duty - Journal Card Set with Ephemera and Bag? Head over to my Instagram to find out how!



Thanks for all your love and support!


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