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Hello, Creatives! So, we have arrived in April you guys, and it is probably one of my favorite times of the year. With Easter around the corner and spring coming, it's warming up, and I'm thinking I may have to mow lately.... but most of us are staying home because of the quarantine, and I really wanted to create a kit for everyone and our little staycation.

The Staycation collection is new in the shop this month with elements, papers, and journal cards to help you document this time in our lives that we all share, and hope it inspires you to document the current comings and goings of your daily life. Lots of us are reading, having family game nights, actually cooking for once, staying connected with loved ones, and even unplugging for a while. Whether you are staying in, taking a car ride, or even getting out into nature for some fresh air, this kit will help you document those little moments and random snapshots.

I myself have documented a page below, on how I'm coping with fear, and finding a grateful heart.

(click view entire message below)

P.S. Thank you, everyone, that shopped our April Fools Day 70% off sale! A lot of the designers on the site are facing some financial situations because of the current situation in the world. With a lot of you at home, and suddenly finding time to craft, we wanted to give you all a deep discount on items already in the shop, and help out some of the designers that may need the extra cash. So, to all of you who shops TDP & Humble+Create, Thank YOU! We love and appreciate all of our wonderful customers so much!





All the products in the Staycation Collection are 30% off through April 5, 2020. Are you a Humble + Create Newsletter Subscriber? You can sign up and never miss out on a sale again! Plus you can find some awesome inspiration, freebies, and stay connected. Not a subscriber? Click Here Now. Create subscribers get a freebie when you sign up, and an extra 10% off code for New Release Bundles!


Creative Team Inspiration





With the quarantine this month, I have seen so many of our wonderful designers offer freebies for our fellow amazing customers who we love and appreciate so much! And so I wanted to offer a little freebie of my own! With feeling inspired by our "little" staycation this month I wanted it to also color coordinate with the Staycation collection. Thanks for being wonderful customers and friends.


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