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Hello, Creatives! How is everyone's end of Summer going? I can't believe that It's already September! But, I'm thrilled to be doing autumn mini books, and holiday scrapbooking soon. I've always said that the whole world changes during the holidays, but nothing is more colorful than the creative community!

01/ DOINGI've been finishing up some summer projects the past couple of weeks, and my husband and I had our 8th wedding anniversary. Instead of spending a ton of money on going somewhere, we decided to purchase some bigger ticket items on our list to finish up summer, like outside storage and a new coffee bar for the kitchen. They both arrive this weekend.

02 / READING I'm still trying to finish up 'Where the Crawdads Sing' but I've been SO busy that I just haven't had time. I'm also reading some other books from my High School Years by SE Hinton as well. So, any recommendations would be great!

03 / DRINKING I've been getting me and my husband ready for all things cozy autumn drinks. I recently bought a milk frother from trusty amazon, and have been in LOVE with all things frothy coffee because of it. We even got out the Moka pot for making shots of espresso and already bought my chia tea mix for when the cooler weather hits. What are your favorite Autumn drinks?

04 / WATCHING I'm caught up on all things crime... I think. True Crime Documentaries are a guilty please of mine, and I think I've watched everyone so far. But since seeing the fall lineup coming out, I can't wait to watch the NEW Lord of the Rings Series on Amazon, and all the new shows coming out on Netflix and Peacock. What are you currently watching?

05 / ENJOYING I've been enjoying long walks during the daytime with my headphones in, and time to myself to relax. We live next to a park with several baseball and soccer fields inside and I've enjoyed hearing the crowd cheer from my front porch and seeing the kids run around learning team work when I drive by. It's a comfort of classic nostalgia that I really love, and It inspired my newest collection - Sport.

Sport is perfect for documenting games from high school sports, game days with family, and more. With my hand-drawn stickers, papers, and more!




All the products in The Sport Collection- are on sale through September 11, 2022.

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