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Hello, Creatives! How is everyone holding up? While life seems to be speeding up again for some of us, I am still playing it safe at home. Summer this year is soo different from years past, but also in good ways too. Lately, my husband and I have been enjoying nights out on the porch when the humidity lifts, days in our yard landscaping, and buying new toys to get things done, like a new pressure washer to do the front deck. But, when I'm by myself, or up late at night with a cup of coffee and "Sweet Magnolias" playing on Netflix, it's "me" time. Time to read, to enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass, and scribble my thoughts in my bullet journal. Which brought me to my current kit.

The Lazy Days of Summer Collection is new in the shop this weekend with elements, papers, and journal cards and is perfect for those snapshots when we are just shooting the breeze, have a stack of books next to us, a cup of coffee, or sweet iced tea. This collection has vintage hand-drawn summer elements and pops of vintage pink, and green. And I hope it will inspire you to document these days that seem to be slow, warm, and bittersweet!


Hang out till the end and snag the FREEBIE on the blog this weekend! How to turn any 6x4 Journal Card into an old "Snail Mail" Post Card!




All the products in the Lazy Days of Summer Collection are 30% off through May 31, 2020.

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I thought it would be fun this summer to pick up an old fun snail mail craft and turn some of these vintage summer 6x4 journal cards and papers into Post Cards! Have a stack of 6x4 cards and some extra stamps? Have a snail mail party!!

But no, really creatives, one of the sweetest things to get at a time like this is a postcard in the mail talking about your summer. Write an old friend, a relative, and even a special person that you use to see on a daily basis. It's a sweet and personal thing to just say, "Hey, I was thinking about you enough to sit down and write you a note. I really feel that this is a lost art. Sending an email to a loved one is great! but, getting a card that takes minutes to write is so much sweeter! Want to give it a try?

  1. Grab some of those cute 6x4 Journal Cards that you have on hand or aren't using, or you can print some new ones. Make sure that your cards are blank on the back or lightly patterned. This ensures your reader can see things clearly.

  2. Set your printer to a 6x4 photo setting. I use this setting so my printer will print to the edge of my card. Play around with your printer for the best setting. *Hint - Do a test print first on a card you don't need or a scrap 6x4 piece of paper so you can make sure of your printer settings.

  3. Flip your cards over depending on your printer settings, and print on the backside. That's it!

  4. Write about your summer, the things you are doing, or print on the back of 6x4 photos! Just make sure your message is unique to you.

  5. Don't forget to add your stamp! Have fun!








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