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So, this week is so exciting! Not just because I have a double Release, but because this release has fur in mind! That's right I heard you, those who still keep asking me if I'm going to create NEW cat and dog kits, and well I've done it! And I'm so excited because I'm just in love with this color palette. Not only can you buy both kits, if you have both cats and dogs but they both use the same color palette!

One Kit - 2 Ways Mix & Match!

But, that's not the biggest thing I like about these kits; it has to be the hand-drawn little cats and dogs in these kits! BUT here's the best part for you! Because these kits fall on Penny Saver Months, You can snag them for $3.00 a bundle!

OMG! Yay! That's Right!

So each week on Tuesdays and Fridays at TDP we will be releasing bits and pieces of these kits along with some old pieces in the form of elements, papers, and journal cards. BUT, you can pass all that up and click below. Because you are a Humble + Create Member I have set this up for you so you can snag them early! That's right, some Humble + Create love just for you!

And make sure to check out the other items I'm placing in this sale at $1.00 a set! for elements, papers, and journal cards! How awesome is that?



(click below)


All the products in the Companion-Cats & Companion-Dogs Collections are on Penny Saver Sale through the month of August.

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Want to check out some of the things in my Penny Savers Collection this month?

Um. Yes! Hooray! Uh, Duh!


Thank you for all your love and support, Happy Penny Saver Sale!

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