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Hey Creatives! Wow, It's so nice to be back from a nice LONG break over the holiday season. I've been taking my time easing back into designing again, and I'm so excited for this year and the things to come to Humble & Create.

I've not only been designing and doodling, but I've been working more on myself this year. Self-care, is so important when you work from home. Sitting for hours and hours in front of the computer screen can be really hard sometimes. It can also be easier to snack, and it can be really hard on the other goals that I try to accomplish. I didn't want to make a collection coming back that focused on goals, but overall self-care, love for your body, nourishment, and filling your cup.

The "Filling Your Cup" - the collection is NEW this weekend in the shop, with elements, papers, journal cards, and a beautiful floral puffy sticker set. This collection is centered around documenting your journey this year, the things that fill you up with happiness, creativeness, self-love, nourishment, personal goals, and more. It includes a boho winter color palette, a tiny paper succulent, hand-drawn elements, rubber stamp emojis, and more.

You can snag it for 30% off NOW thru 1/29






All the products in The 'Fill Your Cup' - Collection- are on sale through January 29, 2023.

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