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DSD | NEW in SHOP | Autumn Feels | 40% OFF EVERYTHING

Yay! This weekend we are celebrating Digital Scrapbooking Day! That's right! I'm so excited because not only do I have a new release for you but I have a giveaway!

Head over to check out my IG for more details!

This weekend in the Shop I have a new collection for you that is all about the feels of autumn. I made this kit perfect for those who are still sticking around the house, keeping safe, and still wanting to document your families, the leaves, coffees, warm cozy days, OR, even warm weather which some are still encountering. Last week was our first week of Autumn weather. Just being able to step out onto the porch and smell the foliage, see the leaves on my porch, and pumpkin spice creamer everywhere, uh! If you know me, like I say every year, I LOVE AUTUMN. It really is a special time for me, it was always the season in my life when things changed for me, when I met my husband, got married, and moved into our home. Autumn is just the amazing time of year when we gather with family and the world changed colors.

This year, while still being cautious, me and my husband have been fixing up our home, hanging around the house, starting the fireplace, and hanging out on the porch doing s'mores. We have really tried to make the best of this season, taking photos and making memories.

So, this weekend in the shop for Digital Scrapbooking Day, I've added a new collection called - Autumn Feels - with elements, papers, journal cards, and 3x8 journal cards. I hope it inspires you to document your photos this season. Autumn Feels, is just that, everything cozy, weather, home, warm mugs, hand-drawn elements, leaves, scenery, and more! It's literally all the feels of autumn.

If you haven't followed along with my IG account, I've added an Autumn Photo Challenge for everyone looking for ideas on how to take photos this season with everything going on in the world. So check it out here.

Digital Scrapbooking Day Starts October 2-4th.

There are Forum Games, Prizes & My Entire Shop is 40% OFF!




All the products in the Autumn Feels Collection are on sale for 40% off thru October 04, 2020.

Including all items in Shop are 40% OFF

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Autumn Photo Challenge


Creative Team Inspiration


Autumn Album Continues


As you have probably seen in my last post, I always start an Autumn mini album this time of year, and with this time at home, I've had a bit more time to get creative, and have actually had some time to take photos this year, and throw a damn cute mini-album together. I started the album with the - A Good Day Kit, and have thrown in some home project moments. I continued this album with some of the elements from Autumn feels cut on my Silhouette, and some of the Journal Cards to document things I feel I would really enjoy reading several years from now. Like, What I watched this season on TV that felt "autumn" and what I currently am listening to. I included a list of me and my husband's favorite things this year and a little note to myself. Stick around till the end of the season to check out the entire album.


Thanks for stopping by and hanging out!

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