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Creative Team | June - December 2020

Yay! Humble + Create announced today the Jun-Dec 2020 Creative Team! I'm so excited this year to have a handful of very creative people on my team, some of which I have had the pleasure of working with this past year on The Digital Press Creative Team. Some of these Creatives come from other Creative Teams and have dedicated their time, memories, and effort to promoting for many designers. If you don't recognize some of the creatives on this list, please swing over to my Instagram and check out this post with tagged information.

Humble and Create wants to welcome:

  1. Nicole Dixon - Digital

  2. Michele Anderson - Digital

  3. Candy Lai - Digital

  4. Lisa Borbely Holst - Hybrid

  5. Meagan Johnson - Digital

  6. Sara Burk - Hybrid

  7. Kate Earley

  8. Stefanie Semple

  9. Sean Eyeing

I'm so excited to have a wonderful creative team this year!

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