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Create a Digital Scrapbook Page in GoodNotes | Jess Griffin


Today on the Blog Creative Team Member Jess Griffin is going to show you an awesome tutorial using Good Notes5 on her iPad Pro! #GOTPLANNERS

If you'd like to watch the video on youtube, CLICK HERE, and be sure to swing by Jess's insta and check out her inspirations!


Hello! Today I’m going to create a layout using Humble and Create’s new collection, Grub! I’ll be using GoodNotes5 on my iPad Pro.

For today’s video tutorial there are three things I want to highlight. When I get to those sections in the video, I’ll slow it down to clearly explain each point.

I like to copy and paste elements from DropBox into GoodNotes. To do that, simply tap and hold onto the element you want to use, click copy, open GoodNotes, tap, and select paste.

Tip number one- if there’s an element you would use often, paste the element into GoodNotes and then tap the element, click “add element” and choose where you would like to store it. I like to organize elements by brand, I also like to organize by type, for example; flowers, stitching, etc. Now I’m going to delete the element so I can access it when I’m ready. To easily move from one program to the, tap the bottom of the iPad and drag the screen up to the middle. It will show you the most recent apps you’ve accessed and you can easily tap from one app to the other.

Tip number two- If you want to remove, resize or adjust an element you’ve placed, tap on that element and hold until you see “zoom or edit.” If you’ve recently copied something you’ll also see “paste.” If you click on “edit” you’ll have the option to delete, resize or even crop the element.

Tip number three- I love adding my handwriting to each page. I could do that in GoodNotes, but I prefer using Procreate because it's more intuitive. In a new layer, I write what I’d like to add to my page. When I’m done writing, I select the layer I just wrote on, select copy, and then paste it into GoodNotes. I always crop my writing so the text box is only as big as the actual text. To do that, click on “crop”. You’ll be able to crop the image however you’d like. You can crop the image as many times as you need, so don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time.

I hope you found today’s video helpful and that you’ll be able to work these tips into your workflow! Thanks for watching!

Jess Griffin

Creative Team Member


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