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Christmas in July | Mini Book Progress

Hello, Creatives! This weekend, I'm following up on my little mini book with a few more pages and a special Icee Treat recipe for you!

Doing Christmas in July this year has really brought me and my husband some joy. We've been struggling, like I'm sure many of you have with isolation, feeling like we can't get out and being secluded to home. I know that is why I really wanted to make Christmas in July this year happened. I've talked a lot in the past about doing Christmas in July, but it being so close to me and my husband's anniversary, we were always saving money for that, and well, not doing this little American holiday. But this year with the pandemic wavering over us I thought it would be a great way to bring a little holiday magic into our little home, and some happiness.

And of coarse being a craft/creator/documenter I made "July Jingle" this year to document our little time. I knew I wanted to create a little mini book to place in my box of memories, that included things that we would love. Yes, we bought small gifts, yes we plan on watching Christmas movies and cooking a spaghetti dinner, but most of all, spending this time and purposely doing something, heck planning something was just what we needed. Below are some pages I've added to my little mini book for July.

  1. I've used the Christmas Movies Journal Card in the "July Jingle" Bundle to write out some movies that I know me and my husband will be watching this weekend, what is a Christmas in July Summer without Dr. Who Christmas Specials? On the other flip side, I clipped a Vellum Piece that I saved from a few Christmas's back, that says "a merry little Christmas" cut out with my Silhouette Portrait.

We made a special treat this year that we have been enjoying all of July. If you know me and my husband well you will know that we enjoy eating healthy. We fast every morning, and this entire recipe is sugar-free!


1. Place 1 scoop of Blue Bunny Sugar-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

1 tsp of Mio Java

1 tbsp of Sugar-Free Hershey's Syrup

and 1 Cup of Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

in a blender, blend well.

2. Pour in a cold mug and top with Reeses Whipped Cream

3. Chunk up 1 Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Pie Bars, on top.

4. Stick in a smoothie straw and done! Yum!

You can really mix up this recipe, and it's so versatile! As long as you still use the ice cream and some sort of milk. You can add candy pieces, instant coffee, instant hot chocolate, and more! It's perfect for kids who love getting involved in the kitchen, or who are learning to make their own food.

I wanted to add a quick selfie in this album to showcase a trip we took to the store to grab Christmas food and supplies. I also wanted to remember how long my hair has gotten since last year when I chopped it all off.

In this photo, I used the dark green solid paper, and the flower paper in the "July Jingle" kit, by cutting them down to 3x4 journal cards and adding an Instax selfie on top. I have all the elements of the "July Jingle" kit printed, cut out, and placed into a tray ready to use. The cool thing about the colors in this kit is that I was able to use some of the things in my stash to compliment this kit well. You don't have to go out and buy more things for this mini-album, just use what you have on hand.



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I hope you'll keep following along with me this coming week as I finish up this album with all the little things we've planned this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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