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A birthday, and some reflections of the year.

So, as you have guessed by the title, yes... it is my birthday... like today is my birthday ( yay... noisemaker sound ). I've been in thought all week trying to reflect on this year and what it has brought me. So, what lessons have I learned? well, I guess more on that in a minute. I feel like life has really brought me a lot of actual blessings this year. They say your 20's are for learning, and your thirties are for growth. At least this is the way I'd like to look at my life. This past year has brought a lot of hardship and change. But, I don't want to talk about the bad times. I want to talk about the good things this year has brought me.

Just to name a few :

  • enlightenment

  • peace

  • courage

  • sacrifice (in a good way)

  • love

  • new relationships

  • understanding

  • goals

  • needs, wants, and desires

And things I couldn't have imagined wanting in my life just a year ago. There has been so much letting go. Buddhists would say the path to enlightenment would be to NOT walk in the past and, to not anticipate the future. Christ would say, live in the moment, and today, for tomorrow has trouble worries, and yes, joys of its own. So this past year, I set off for a true understanding of people and situations around me and ended up learning more about myself. There is a new groove to this girl, and I think I kinda like her. Right now in my heart I feel more at peace than I ever have, more clarity, and have embraced a new understanding of what it is to let go. Everything I've done has got me here. Where is here? my tiny nook, my tin roof, my wonderful husband and three cats, my books, coffee mugs, and this tiny craft business. Who could ask for more? Not me, simply put. I love my little world. This is the one I prayed day and night for in my twenties. This is the one of not needing big things; it was all I wanted.

"I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now..."

The joys of living now feel like me. And last year brought me so many good things too. Good things inside and out. I bought my first tiny tin room house. My first three acres of land, two new cars, and two new jobs... wow. Ed and I have been thinking about becoming foster parents to children that need love and care. We both had rough upbringings and would love to be able to help kids find a safe home, and it has definitely been on our hearts in the last year. I'm looking forward to all the new things that life will bring me this year. The older I get the more it seems to get packed in, richer, more fulfilled, spontaneous, and shaped the way I've always wanted. So, cheers! Here's to being 36...

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